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Smog Lake City

The Great Potato and I had the opportunity to be a part of history and attend the Clean Air, No Excuses rally at the Utah State Capital in Salt Lake City.

Being a native, and seeing how quickly my air has gone for the typical winter inversion we get for living in a fish bowl (low valley surrounded by mountains), to the cigarette butt it is now, I wanted to add my voice to the mix.  

When going from the car to inside the store makes you cough, feel like you have to take deeper breaths, and turn you into a watery-eyed sneeze-factory, somethings wrong.  I can’t even take Little Man outside to enjoy the great sunny days we’ve been having, and his cold just won’t go away.

This was also Potato’s first experience of a protest.  She loved it, and has now added political activist to the list of things she wants to do in her life. 

Our “little” rally has even begun to garner national attention.  I’m so glad we were there.  

You should have a clean, crisp, clear shot of the valley below and to the mountains behind them on the left.  That’s how bad this is.  When I got home after standing in it for two hours (Egads!) my face felt junky and dirty.  I decided to just wipe it off with a cotton pad and some witch hazel.  It was black, as if I hadn’t washed it in days.  Eeewww…nothing like having a physical representation of what was inside me as well.

Look we made the news!!!  That’s her non-hipster-hipster beanie, and the top of my head behind the sign.

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